1:1 Mentoring


First off, let me just say that I am beyond humbled by the fact that you are interested in learning from me. As a completely self taught photographer, I truly believe in investing in yourself and your business, especially when it comes to education. When I first started out (and still to this day, if I’m being honest), I scoured pinterest, facebook groups, youtube, google, etc for answers to all of my photography related questions. I also made lots of mistakes and failed often, but each step backwards was a lesson learned that helped drive me to dust myself off and keep at it. I am so excited to share these lessons with you and help you grow as both an artist and business owner. When it comes to my mentorships, I hold nothing back but these are a few common topics for discussion: marketing your business successfully & finding your ideal client, using lightroom & photoshop to turn RAW images into works of art, using social media to your advantage while keeping it from taking over your life, getting the most out of your gear & truly understanding your settings, creating & capturing authentic emotions and connections during your sessions, and so much more. I truly believe in full transparency and sharing the knowledge I’ve learned along the way in order to help other artists in this special little photography community that we get to be a part of. Just one warning, we WILL become great friends by the end of your mentorship!

Package 01

This package includes a 1 hour 1:1 chat where we can talk about everything and anything photo related! This is a totally honest conversation where nothing is off limits, but to make the most of our time, pick 2 topics you're most interested in chatting about and we'll focus on that. If you're local to San Diego, we can grab coffee or wine. Otherwise, let's make it a facetime or skype date!


Package 02

This package is all about editing! We'll spend our 90 minute chat talking about how you can use lightroom & photoshop to take your images to the next level during post process. I will go over some tips & tricks as well as the products I use to help me get the most out of my editing workflow. I will also do a live edit of up to three of your images to show you how I would edit them! We will also spend some time going over general business questions. **This mentorship is done via video chat & screen sharing, so it's a great option for those who live outside of CA!**



This package is the whole shebang! We'll start with an hour long in person chit chat about areas where you'd like to improve your knowledge and then we'll shoot a sunset session together. We'll photograph a couples session at sunset where you can see my exact session workflow including, but not limited to, finding the best light throughout the hour, helping clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, and directing clients with the goal of capturing emotive images. We'll set a follow up date after the session to spend another hour talking about post process and I will do a live edit of one of my images from our session & also help you edit one of yours! **These sessions will be held in San Diego, CA. Travel sessions can be arranged but mentee would be responsible for travel fees unless otherwise advertised.** PACKAGE 03 IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.


To set up a mentorship, please e-mail laurieashleyphoto@gmail.com